Video coming this afternoon of a sweet, big-ol box jump. Check back!

THERE WILL BE NO GYM WORKOUT on SATURDAY, MARCH 31st! This is to encourage you to be involved in the Stair Climb (link) – thank you Kacey! It ain’t that bad, at least no worse than 150 wall balls.

Workout of the Day –

A – front squat
– 7, 7, 7, 7, 7
– same weight, straight across

* this should be 10-25 lbs more than the 10 reps we did 3 weeks ago (link). Or you may use this chart to do the math if you want to be super accurate.

B – for reps
– max tire flips in 2 minutes

Did you see that sweet post from yesterday, or that new menu item up there? Peeps be gettin’ SMART!