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Ezra, in the middle of the pack!

Workout of the Day – 7 rounds for time of

1 small lap
10 knee to elbow pull-ups*
10 push-ups*

There is a 30 minute time limit on this workout.

*You may substitute 5 muscle-ups for the 10 k2epu and the 10 pu

More form Deadpan…

Follow up question! “metabolic pathway being used to make you awesome.” Please explain metabolic pathway and is that what you were talking about when you were explaining to Plush why they chose 7 minutes for that burpee WOD? And why some people naturally have great edurance, like Asian? And lactic acid buildup? And…ok, I’ll stop. But I wrote my yelp review already so I get to ask questions, right??

Alright…reaaalllyy quickly…

You’re body’s main “gas” that it uses for cellular energy is a molecule called ATP. There is more than one way for you body to produce said ATP. A certain amount is stored. This is accessible rapidly and is great for shorts bursts of speed. It does, however fade very quickly. Remember yesterday, in round 5, when you did 3 bench press, then went to get another, and it just didn’t move? Yeah, your initial stores of ATP were gone.After that you use stores glycogen to make more ATP, this takes a little longer, so you can’t go as fast, and as a side effect, makes lactic acid. If you’re doing to much, too fast, your body can’t push the lactic acid out fast enough and it builds up, causing that burn during Tabata. The last stage is oxidative, meaning that your actual breathing plays more of a role in recycling the ATP (oxygen is also involved in the previous two pathways, but it becomes more primary after the first two have “maxed out”)

This all happens relatively quickly. The first being a burst of power speed that falls at about 10 seconds, the second making it out to 40-50 seconds, then the last taking over from there.

The exact science behind the 7 minutes of burps question I’ll have to do more research on. Suffice to say that from my experience, and that of a few strongman competitors that I know personally, once you get out past the 8 minute window, ting start to become more “endurance” based, and less about strength and power generation. Take notice today when you feel that little wall come up, it’ll be somewhere in that 8-10 minute range. This is also why non of the CrossFit Football workouts are longer than 12 minutes. They are favoring strength. Once again, I don’t know the exact science behind this (will research today), but if you go over that “threshold” you get weaker. You also get better conditioned, so it’s a trade off. If you’re doing Strongman or football, the trade off isn’t worth it, for the rest of us trying to be more balanced, we’re a little more okay with it.

Once again, just off the top of my head.