BEACH WORKOUT THIS SATURDAY! Scroll down on this page for map link

Workout of the Day –

CJ getting ready for battle

A – OMEM for 15 rounds,
– 3 deadlift – “flat” no increasing of weight

B – bottom to bottom Tabata squats (link)*
– lowest set is score.
– stay engaged at the bottom, no “sitting”

* it’s true, that in a purest sense, these aren’t really Tabata, since there is no rest (you should be active at the bottom), but it’ll still be a brutal 4 minutes 🙂

Obviously, the deadlift part is less than the 5 reps we’ve been doing, which means that we need to add weight. Probably 20 lbs or more. Please refer to your old weight here. How much will be determined by this formula: last week’s weight x 1.11.* If your form is not SPOT ON, then you do less weight. This week and next week, we’ll do three reps, and 2 weeks from now, on May 24th, we will be establishing a 1 rep max for everyone.

*We get this number by addressing volume. For example, last week, I did 205 for 50 reps total, giving me a total poundage of 10,250. If I divide that 10,250 by 45 reps (3 reps x 15 minutes) then I get, basically, 228. So I’d go with 230 for today, assuming my form is fuckin sweet. You also get the same result by multiplying by 1.11 since 50/45=1.11. If we only did 10 rounds today, that would put total weight lifted at about 2/3rds what we need (only about 6900 pounds in my example), meaning that we have to up the sets when we go down in reps.

All in all, the “A” workout still should be a 7 or 8 on the 1-10 scale. It should not feel like a HUGE amount of weight.