Beginning to Advanced levels of fitness

Our workout programming is designed to improve all aspects of health; stronger muscles, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased flexibility and overall wellness.  Our training methodology meets the needs of beginner to the most advanced levels of fitness.  If you are willing to put in the work, our programming will get you results!

CrossFit Programming

CrossFit, by definition, is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.  The goal of our daily programming is to increase YOUR fitness.  We define fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  More simply, fitness is a measure of your health! 

Breaking down the definition of CrossFit, we design our daily and weekly programming to including the following: 

Constantly Varied 

Variance helps to keep each workout different and reduces boredom!  We want YOU to become proficient in anything our programming throws your way.  This ensures we stay generally physically prepared for what may come our way in our daily lives!    

Functional Movements 

We promote exercise movements that YOU see in your everyday life.  Utilizing functional movements ensures that you are able to pick up heavy objects (like groceries or your child!), place objects overhead, and move (sit, stand, walk, and run) with ease.   

High Intensity 

Performing these movements at a high intensity gives us results, fast!  However, intensity  is relative to YOUR own individual physical tolerances.  This is why all workouts are scalable and tailored to your current ability!


Nutrition plays a major role in your overall health too!  You may have heard that the hour in the gym is the easy part, but the hours outside of the gym can be the most challenging!  Our coaches are focused on educating our members about making smarter food choices in order to achieve specific health outcomes.  

Weight Loss 

Many people set out on weight loss journeys only to wind up feeling defeated because they can’t seem to lose the excess pounds.  Many times, it’s a nutrition-related issue and they simply need to make different choices in their diets.  Our coaches can help!  We can assist YOU in finding the right combination of calories and macronutrients in order to lose weight in a healthier way. 

Assisting Athletes With Performance Goals  

From elite athletes to everyday athletes, we all are naturally concerned with the relationship between food and body — specifically, what to eat and how a diet can impact physical performance. With a host of health-related misinformation prevalent today, athletes can find it difficult to determine what and how they should be eating to improve their performance. Our coaches can help!  We can assist you in finding the right combination of nutrients to unlock your athletic potential.   


Often times people just need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that are in search of the same nutritional goals to keep them on-track.  This is where the CrossFIt 1440 community comes in!  Our coaches and members want to see YOU succeed!